Bagenzos Touhou Page
This page is for all the Touhou games I've played and beaten.
Usually that means a 1cc (1 credit clear) of the game.
I play on normal but as I get better I hope to clear some of the harder difficulties!
You can click some of the 1cc entries to download a replay.

TH6:Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

1cc: Normal (Marisa B)
When I decided to seriously get into these games I kinda overlooked this one... It's kind of annoying since unlike the newer games focusing doesn't show your hitbox. There are patches that you can install to add a hitbox but 1. That feels a bit too much like cheating 2. I have never gotten these patches to work (maybe because I play these games on Linux using Wine?)
One afternoon I decided to just crank out a 1cc for the sake of it. I think it's probably the easiest of the games I've played, the only real difficult part is the last boss, Ronald Mcdonald. My strategy was to save as many bombs as possible so I could defeat him. It's during that fight that the lack of a hitbox really starts to hurt, and I don't think I could have won without stockpiling a ton of bombs. A bit of a cheap strategy, but still fun, and at least you get to hear the awesome Ronald Mcdonalds theme song while playing.
I don't really plan on revisiting this one, but maybe I will if I get that hitbox patch working.

If I had a nickel every time I had to fight Ronald Mcdonald in a danmaku game I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

TH7:Perfect Cherry Blossom

1cc: Normal (Sakuya A) (Reimu A)
Hard (Reimu B)
My favorite Touhou game. The first one I managed a 1cc, some of my favorite characters (yuyuko...) and music... Its good.
It's also pretty hard, although people do say that the first game you 1cc is always the hardest. I recommend this game a lot and I think if you wanted to jump into the games straight away you would start here. It does have a special scoring system but it isn't particularly complicated: basically, shooting and getting items increases your cherry meter, which when filled gives you a period of invincibility. If, however, you're skilled enough to not get hit during this window, you get a bunch of points instead.
There are some things I dislike: you can extend the length of the stage depending on how quick you defeat the midboss, which is fine, but on some stages like 4 it can make the stage really hard! It's not a bad idea but I wish someone had told me about this...

This game is my first hard mode 1cc!

TH8:Imperishable Night

*1cc: Normal (Reimu+Yukari)
*good end (defeating Kaguya).
A fun one! This one is usually considered to be easy. It's definitely easier than TH7, but I think TH6 is still easier. The scoring mechanic is kinda complicated: basically, you need to earn a certain amount of "time points" in each level to get a bonus. You can get these bonuses by shooting enemies or by grazing - doing either of these shifts you into a form where one is worth way more than the other. So if you've grazed a lot of bullets recently, then killing enemies won't give time points, contriwise, if you've been shooting a lot, even just hitting enemies will give points, while grazing won't.
Furthermore, getting the "good ending" requires you to beat the game twice. If you get to the end, you'll fight Eirin, which unlocks the ability to fight Kaguya with the same characters. Then, you have to do it again, and fight Kaguya. Kaguya is hard but thankfully her worst spells are optional - which is really really generous.

While this game might be on the easier side it is kinda complicated... I still like it though. Dunno if I'll ever beat it as one of the teams that fight Reimu in stage 4, because she obliterates my ass every time.

TH10:Mountain of Faith

1cc: Normal (Reimu A)
An interesting game, not my favorite but still fun. The main difference in this one is that you no longer collect bombs: instead, bombing costs some of your attack power. This effectively means you can bomb much more than usual, however, bombing too much can get you in bad situations, by making it harder for your attacks to hit. The scoring system in this game is simple: you need to be constantly killing enemies/collecting items, or else your bonus point meter will go down. It's simple, which is welcome, but when I say constant I mean it - at times it feels like the scoring system in this one kinda overshadows the game. It's not a bad system but it could be more foregiving.

Besides that I don't have much to say about this one. It's good, I liked it well enough.

TH13:Ten Desires

1cc: Normal (Reimu)
A weird one. Spellcards lean toward the easier side but lives and bombs are pretty scarce, and you have to make risky plays to get them. It's a bit annoying because if you die to an easy spellcard then stuff gets serious all of a sudden. You really need to play the spirit mechanics and get as many lives or bombs as you can. Spirits are interesting: basically if you get these hard to reach collectibles you can activate a super bomb where you do more damage and life/bomb pieces you collect are worth double. It's fun but I don't like that you have to activate it by pressing C (a new key). Thats too many keys!

You can play as Youmu (who has a cool sword slash attack) and Yuyuko is here, but other than them I dont think the girls in this one are as cute (major flaw).

TH15:Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Pointdevice Clear: Normal (Reisen)
The polar opposite of TH13. Spellcards are incredibly difficult, but you have infinite lives. This game introduces "Pointdevice mode", which basically means you die in one hit, but dying just takes you back to the start of the spellcard you failed. I think this is a great change of pace, and allows for more interesting spellcards. Not only are they much harder, but they're also trickier to figure out. Sometimes you see a spellcard where you're not sure what it's asking you to do - it's not that it's hard to dodge, it's that you can't conceive of a way of dodging it. But if you die to those cards in this game, then it doesn't matter, since you don't lose progress. So cards with that kind of difficulty are much less frustrating here.

This game is usually considered to be one of the harder ones, but thanks to pointdevice mode, as long as you have tenacity, you can win. Overall, a great game!

I recently reinstalled my OS and lost some data, so I don't have many replays to show you.
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